the recordings

Suite for the Summer Rain and Dance of the Yellow Leaf are two connected “long form” song cycles of music and sounds from the natural world, with gorgeous string arrangements and orchestral instrumentation.  They are meditative works, the music and lyrics and sounds working together in collage to become a uniquely transformative, emotional experience.  Each song cycle has a running time of about 35 minutes.

The songs are written, sung and performed on guitar by Peter Salett, and the music was co-produced by Peter Salett and Jeff Hill between 2012 and 2018. 

Chris Carmichael arranged the strings, and also recorded and performed them; other members of the ensemble include Bill Dobrow on drums and percussion (including vibes and timpani), Jeff Hill (bass), Erin Hill (harp), Thomas Bartlett and Jason Lindner (piano), and Rob Jost (French horn).

The music was mixed by Hector Castillo, and mastered by Greg Calbi.  The cover images are from paintings by Derek Buckner, and Aaron C. Lazar created the designs.

 The double album will be released in the spring of 2019.

 Below are two individual songs, one from Suite for the Summer Rain and one from Dance of the Yellow Leaf.


Suite for The Summer Rain

by Peter Salett

Dance of the Yellow Leaf

by Peter Salett